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Tromp L'oeil and Faux Finishes often mimic textures and colors found in nature: stone, wood, and other materials. It can create the illusion of depth or space in murals and other painted decoration.

Custom Murals and Painted Tapestries Murals are the hallmark of the decorated house, opening the space through visual illusion and color. Murals can hide doorways, open drab corners, or create fantasy worlds. Tapestries offer the beauty of a mural with the flexibility of a painting. Hand drawn, designed, and painted on canvas, these uniquely custom works will be a focal point in your home.

Decorative Painting Using traditional methods, we painstakingly design and apply various beautiful patterns, border treatments, stencils or free-hand imagery to walls, ceilings, floors, even furniture.

Wall Finishes vary in style, execution and detail. From simple yet elegant ragged or sponged glazes to detailed panels with decorative elements, we can transform your walls into a spectacular backdrop for your furnishings. Alternately, we can add patterns or other designs so the walls themselves become the main attraction.

Ceramic Tiles Custom designed and hand painted, underglaze fired ceramic tiles provide the epitome of custom kitchen and bath detailing. Working with traditional materials, we can design a spectacular showpiece for your home or business.

Ceramics and Fine Art We also hand craft custom ceramics and tiles, and offer portraiture and other fine art services. Signage and gold leafing is also available.


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